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Pro Pen 2 issues on Cintiq 22

Posted: Thu 8. Oct 2020, 13:49
by Polart
Since recent I am using the Cintiq 22 afters decades of drawing on an Intuos tablet.
I enjoy the Cintiq very much however I am having some issues with the Pro 2 Pen.
I keep getting blotches at the end of a line. As if it is over sensitive.
Through my Intuos tablets I have now two Pro 2 pens and an older Grip pen with less pressure levels. The older pen works like a charm however feels different but both Pro 2 pens are giving me issues.
Anyone else having these issues? Is there a solution to this?


Re: Pro Pen 2 issues on Cintiq 22

Posted: Wed 4. Nov 2020, 02:46
by elsevilla
Do you have an image to see the stroke, i think im havign same provblems with cintiq 16.

Re: Pro Pen 2 issues on Cintiq 22

Posted: Tue 10. Nov 2020, 12:29
by wacom5
The Pro Pen 2 has twice the amount of pressure levels of the old Grip Pen so you may need to adjust the pressure sensitivity from the Wacom Tablet Preferences to achieve similar results. Note that this also depends on the application you are using as how the stroke will look based on the pressure depends on the bush you use.