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Cintiq 21UX Gen 1 Section of the screen making pen "jump"

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Cintiq 21UX Gen 1 Section of the screen making pen "jump"

Postby chantale5028 » Tue 20. Oct 2020, 21:00

Hi! I am having issues with my Cintiq 21UX Gen 1. Whenever I try to draw on a certain section of the screen (a narrow rectangular strip almost directly in the center) it makes the line jump. It's hard to describe in words so I've included a link to a photo. At first I thought it was an issue of re-calibrating the pen or lag, but I've done all the recommended things to fix those issues and it's still a problem. I've ruled out the pen being the issue. I think that part of the screen might just be broken, but I'm hoping to get confirmation that this is the case before going out and dropping 1k a new device.


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Re: Cintiq 21UX Gen 1 Section of the screen making pen "jump"

Postby wacom5 » Tue 10. Nov 2020, 13:00

Your device has a dead scanline which means it will not be able to detect the pen in a portion of the display - normally a vertical band. This can only be fixed by replacing the sensor under the display. Unfortunately, your device is too old and no longer serviceable.
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