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I cannot... in any way... stand your calibration tools

Posted: Fri 30. Oct 2020, 02:36
by ImperialWalker
I am so freaking frustrated right now!!!

I have literally, LITERALLY been sitting here for the last half hour attempting to calibrate the pen for your, "nearly no parallax." I either get it perfect on the horizontal or the vertical, but I can't seem to get both to line up. Trying to draw with a cursor that is shifted 5 pixels off is infuriating. I've tried to offset the target in every direction to try and get it working, but it is always incorrect.

Why... WHY did you not make it so you could manually adjust the cursor? touching the pen down and using the arrow keys to place a pixel cursor right under the pen nib would have been the obvious way to dial in the calibration, but I am stuck with this trial and error nonsense.

In fact, I'm almost convinced that the drivers or my Wacom is completely borked. I can't click anymore precisely on the crosshairs.