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Nib Allignment

Posted: Mon 9. Nov 2020, 12:04
by itsonlymeagain
Cintiq Pro 24.
Properly calibrated. However unless I hold the pen perfectly upright
the cursor is off. Anywhere from 1 nib width to 5.
Have tried tilt control in all different positions.
Tried with and without Windows Ink.
Was working until EKR screwed things up.
Can't use EKR. Cintiq is becoming untenable.
6 months old.
Any help or advice is greatly welcomed.

Re: Nib Allignment

Posted: Tue 10. Nov 2020, 12:22
by wacom5
Seems that you have some separate issues.
First, please check the manual of the EKR and follow the troubleshooting section:
As for the offset you observe with the pen, is it following the pen around from multiple directions or is the offset always in the same direction regarding the Pen Nib position? Does this distance increase in a specific portion of the display, ie. becomes longer when you move the pen towards an edge for example? Does the eraser end of the Pen produce the same offset?
Have you been able to try a different computer / USB cable?

Re: Nib Allignment

Posted: Wed 18. Nov 2020, 12:14
by itsonlymeagain
Will update with response as soon as poss.