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Cintiq 27QHD Touch - Squiggly Lines every few strokes

Posted: Wed 11. Nov 2020, 07:43
by tamire
Hello Everyone

This issue follows me along for quite a while now - every few strokes in Autodesk Sketchbook, I get this squiggly line, as if the pen gets out of control.

I'm using Windows 10, with the most recent update for both the software itself, as well as for the Wacom driver.
Downgrading/upgrading Wacom driver is irrelevant here, as I'm experiencing it for quite a while now.

I know for sure it is related to touch, because when I turn touch off - problem doesn't occur.

Switching to "Use Windows Touch" didn't help either.

Any solution here would be more than welcome.

Please advise

Re: Cintiq 27QHD Touch - Squiggly Lines every few strokes

Posted: Thu 12. Nov 2020, 06:59
by wacom5
I would try replacing the USB cable and/or using a different USB port in your computer.
It is unlikely that this is Touch related because Palm Rejection is active when the pen is in proximity with the display, ignoring all touch inputs. Please check the Tablet Driver Diagnostics (from the Support Section in Wacom Desktop Center) and see if the device is detecting any strange inputs. You can also draw a grid in your canvas and see if there are any potential dead scan lines.