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Big Sur and Cintiq issue

Wacom One, Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Big Sur and Cintiq issue

Postby RobArt » Sun 15. Nov 2020, 13:13


Something has started happening when my screen goes into power down mode. This occurs when the iMac goes into screensaver, then powersaver modes.
It has started to happen since I installed Big Sur. The issue is basically, when you wake the Cintiq up again through waking the iMac, the cursor on the Cintiq lags a lot. The only way to fix it as far as I can see, is to turn the Cintiq off and on again.

If there is a fix for this let me know, or if I can resolve it another way, that would be great.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Big Sur and Cintiq issue

Postby wacom5 » Mon 16. Nov 2020, 07:31

Hi Rob,
When you say you need to reboot the Cintiq Pro as the only solution, have you tried restarting the driver from the Support section in the Wacom Desktop Center? Since this only started with the new OS, then it can only be a software related to Big Sur.
Can you please collect the log files by turning ON Driver logging and sending this log to the Customer Support team. We need the driver team analyse this.
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Re: Big Sur and Cintiq issue

Postby dmiles » Thu 19. Nov 2020, 02:08

Hello! I have been having the same problem but it started happening well before Big Sur. I think it's been happening for a couple of weeks or so. When waking from sleep the my 27 QHD Cintiq will start acting jerky until the pen eventually stops responding. I then restart the Cintiq and it works fine until I head to lunch or something that causes the screen to sleep and the same issue happens. I see that you asked the previous poster to turn on log files so I will do that if it will help.

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