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Cintiq 22 switches color profiles when using PS on Mac

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Cintiq 22 switches color profiles when using PS on Mac

Postby Exoskeleton1994 » Thu 17. Dec 2020, 09:35


I purchased a brand new Cintiq 22 to replace my 21UX. I use it with my an Imac 2019 (Mojave updated)
I have a very weird and annoying bug which just makes my work impossible to do. Let's try to explain it :
- I tried with the Cintiq 22 basic profile and one I created with my Spyder calibration tool.
- The color mode of my version of PS 2021 is set up like it ever was and given by my boss (see >)
- When I open a psd file I have created (CMJN and also RVB) or on a new one the colours are saturated, if I use my mouse to go on my main screen (Imac) or if I click on the side of the PS windows, the colors suddenly turn good. It seems to switch on the Imac color mode ! It also happens randomly when I lift off the pen and put it on back on the cintiq screen. Here's a video : ...

I tried with Krita and didn't noticed something wrong so far. I'm pretty sure it has to do with colorimetric modes wich are not correctly supported or in conflict and I d'ont understand why because it never happends before with my previous tablet.
The main different is that I use a HDMI/USBc adaptator for the Cintiq 22 instead of an Minidisplayport/DVI for the 21UX.

I'm really in a hurry for my job and can't go forward so I'm litterally sick of it :(

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