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Cintiq 16, having trouble setting it up

Posted: Fri 18. Dec 2020, 12:30
by Marasmusine
I am trying to set up a new cintiq 16.
I have followed the proceudre on the wacom site:
Tablet is connected to mains power, usb and hdmi. Computer chimes to tell me a device is connected.
I downloaded the driver.
Ran the driver, it installed OK.
Prompted to restart the computer.
After the restart, no further prompts come up. No setup wizard.
Tried a different USB port.
Tried installing the driver again.
Windows 10 Settings -> Devices shows the Cintiq 16 listed under "other devices".
The Wacom Desktop Center was installed - it says no device installed.

What am I missing?

Re: Cintiq 16, having trouble setting it up

Posted: Sat 19. Dec 2020, 21:37
by Marasmusine
Never mind, I found the problem.

Neither the video or the text instructions at wacom/start actually tell you there's a power button on the device itself. It's barely visible! I found out from a 3rd party video.