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Cintiq Pro 16 malfunctions after a few seconds

Posted: Wed 6. Jan 2021, 21:51
by Oolong
I just bought a new laptop with a usb-c (with dp alt mode) after using my cintiq Pro 16 with hdmi and usb connection via the display link for a year or so on my old laptop. I plug in the cintiq and for a few seconds to a minute everything works absolutely fine but then the pen input and touch input completely stop so it essentially becomes a monitor.

On device manager there is an error, but it isn't consistently showing as the same thing, or on the same device (sometimes says error case 43, sometimes code 10; sometimes generic usb hub, sometimes another of the USB devices).

The USB c is on a Nvidia geforce rtx 2060.

I only have one usb c port, so can't try another. I've reinstalled drivers for the cintiq, as well as all the Nvidia drivers and usb drivers, done a system restore, reset the whole laptop and I'm still having the issues.

Just to top it off, the hdmi and usb route that works on my old laptop to connect it also isn't working. The wacom just works as a tablet, with no video. I'm pretty sure it's a problem with the hdmi, which is connected to the mobo not gpu, but no idea if there's a fix.

Has anyone else had this issue or similar and managed to find a fix?

Re: Cintiq Pro 16 malfunctions after a few seconds

Posted: Mon 11. Jan 2021, 08:59
by wacom5
It's always better to connect the device directly for the Motherboard if possible so consider this option if you can find a replacement HDMI cable.
As for the error messages, have you tried the steps here: