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Wacom One, MacBook Pro M1, and Display Settings

Wacom One, Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Joined: Sun 31. Jan 2021, 20:59

Wacom One, MacBook Pro M1, and Display Settings

Postby dyablonskyi » Sun 31. Jan 2021, 21:21

Got me a new MacBook Pro with M1 chip. Tried to set it up with my Wacom One through a hub today.
Installed latest version of drivers (that were already updated to work with M1). Everything seem to be fine at first. But I noticed that the display isn't bright enough. Remembering how I used it with my MacBook Pro 2012 (without problems), I tried to open Wacom Display Settings app...only to be greeted with "Compatible display device not found" message.
Unplugging and plugging: nothing.
Restarting: nothing.
Reinstalling drivers: nothing.
But display still works. It functions as second screen, pen works alright. I just can't configure it. With that said, I can't shake off the feeling that right now it's half-functional on my new MacBook.
I tried to look up the solution, but so far no clear answer. Wacom somewhen suggested to connect displays directly to a computer, without any hub (which is not an option for me and my 2 USB-Cs). But how do they expect us to use their displays if they even updated their drivers to make them compatible with M1 chip...that is only available on MacBooks Air and Pro? (Sure there's also Mac mini that has both HDMI and USB-A, buuuut....)

Anybody had this issue? Any solutions? Maybe I just got a half-faulty hub?

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