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Disintegrating front of Wacom Pro Pen 2

Posted: Mon 15. Feb 2021, 18:51
by PSDesign
Hi there,

I have a Cintiq 22 (Nearly four month old) delivered with a Wacom Pro Pen 2 that started to fall apart into little pieces of plastic at the front about two month ago. If I'm talking about the front I mean the part where the nib is inserted.

It happened just using the pen for drawing. First I thought it would be a problem due to Photoshop 2021 and some other software.
Then I recognized a small piece of plastic broke off at the front.
I still could use the pen as I do not often use full pressure doing my work.
Then things got rapidly wrong. Other little pieces broke off and at the part where it leads into a thin long cylindric part of the nib broke off.

Now my question is if someone else experienced that and might it be due to a construction/material failure?
I purchased a new one and hope it's not a general problem.

Quite unusual to me after using Wacom products for so many years now.

Thx in advance for helpful answers,

Re: Disintegrating front of Wacom Pro Pen 2

Posted: Tue 16. Feb 2021, 17:52
by PSDesign
Today I received my new Pro Pen 2 along with a fancy aluminum case.
I wonder how long it will last this time.
I wish the pen is not made out of cheap plastic again. Anyone who wants the case?

Kind regards,