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Win 10 Cintiq 16 no signal multiple display issues. Help!

Wacom One, Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Joined: Wed 3. Mar 2021, 23:50

Win 10 Cintiq 16 no signal multiple display issues. Help!

Postby talihawk » Wed 3. Mar 2021, 23:52

I just got a new pc, a dell running windows 10 home. Getting my 2 monitors and the cintiq to work all together properly has been an absolute nightmare.

I had the same set up on my win 7 hp: a main monitor, mirrored to my cintiq and the other monitor was set to 'extended desktop'.

After a whole lot of installing and uninstalling, cleaning out the registry and what not I finally have gotten the set up to work in the above mentioned way.

However I've hit a huge glitch that never was an issue with Win 7. If I turn off my cintiq and try to turn it on later, (i don't need it on if I'm not using it) it won't be recognized by windows and gives me a 'no signal' error.

Is there anyway to fix this? A friend mentioned getting a hdmi port, but that's like 80 bucks. I don't want to buy something I can't return for a 'might work'. Is there some way to fix this? Upgrading to Win Pro? or should I just return the Dell and try to get another HP and hope to God win 10 behaves better.

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Re: Win 10 Cintiq 16 no signal multiple display issues. Help!

Postby Jeronan » Thu 4. Mar 2021, 15:46

In Windows 10 you have a short cut ( WIN+P ) that gives you a sidebar where you select the different screen output types if no signal gets sent to the Cintiq. Have you tried that yet?

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Joined: Wed 3. Mar 2021, 23:50

Re: Win 10 Cintiq 16 no signal multiple display issues. Help!

Postby talihawk » Fri 5. Mar 2021, 02:59

I have not. I'll give that a go. Thank you!

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Joined: Wed 3. Mar 2021, 23:50

Re: Win 10 Cintiq 16 no signal multiple display issues. Help!

Postby talihawk » Sat 6. Mar 2021, 23:14

First off thanks to everyone for their suggestions and help. I couldn't have done this with without you. The DDU display driver cleaner was super helpful.

Any hoo after speaking with Nvidia's tech support it really seemed like the HDMI port was not working properly. Honestly I'm still not sure it is. Dell tech support never called back for my 'scheduled' assistance. I guess they wanted me to fork over another $99 bucks. (screw that!!) They claimed it was likely a 'software issue' and thus not included under my limited warranty.

So I called back and finally got a tech who was willing to go the distance. He remote logged in and did a bunch of the same things I'd already tried with uninstalling drivers, cleaning it out, updating drivers. We went into the BIOS and reset the system.

Ultimately he asked to see if we could get the Cintiq to run on another Win 10 system. Fortunately Mom has a newer win 10 PC and I tried to get the Wacom which is only what 2 years old? I got it in Feb of 2019. I tried plugging it into the HDMI port. It was not recognized. I used the HDMI to display port it was not recognized. The other win 10 PC does not have a spiffy graphics card, just an Intel integrated card. So the tech declared that this was a Wacom issue. I can't blame him. He'd spent like an hour on the phone with me and had done more than any of the others had.

So I continued googling tried a few more things but couldn't get mom's PC to recognize the Cintiq. So I plugged the Cintiq back into my system and played around with it some more. This time I put the Cintiq on the HDMI to Displayport adapter as it'd seemed to behave best that way previously. The third monitor, was put on the VGA to HDMI adapter.

I also down loaded the OLDEST NVIDIA graphics card driver I could find. ( 457.30-desktop-win10-64bit-international-dch-whql )

This time I was able to get everything working. I can turn the VGA monitor and the Cintiq on and off without getting a No Signal error, or having to reboot the whole system to get them to work.

I am guessing the BIOS reboot is what ultimately did the trick that and the old driver, however I am still highly concerned that my fairly new Wacom couldn't talk to either windows 10 systems unassisted.

I am not in the know enough to say what exactly is wrong here, is this a Nvidia driver issue? or a Wacom issue? or a Windows 10 problem? What do you think?

Anyway thank God and you folks out there for your help. This has been driving me insane.

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