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Cable Mangement: Single cable on Cintiq Pro 16?

Wacom One, Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Cable Mangement: Single cable on Cintiq Pro 16?

Postby oreodunko » Wed 31. Mar 2021, 12:01

Hello, I have a Intel NUC with Thunderbolt 3 ports.
I am wondering if it is possible to power up + deliver display to my Cintiq pro 16 ?

From my research, Thunderbolt 3 supports Display port protocol, delivering data at 40 Gbps, driving 4k display at 60Hz and is capable of 100W of bi-directional power. Since Cintiq pro 16 consumes a maximum of 33 W, I believe it will be possible ?
On the paper, the Thunderbolt ticks all the boxes, Display/Data/Power input, but technologies are confusing...

Have anyone with Thunderbolt PC/Cable tried this out yet ?

Many Thanks

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Re: Cable Mangement: Single cable on Cintiq Pro 16?

Postby wacom5 » Thu 15. Apr 2021, 07:24

In theory this should be possible. We already power ON the device and send the video and pen/touch data through a single cable when using the Wacom Link Plus.
However, we have not tested this with solutions from other manufacturers so we cannot be sure.
If you test this, please do let us know how it worked.
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