NEW tablet drivers 6.3.21-10 for Windows and 6.3.21-8 for OSX released. For release notes use the link below the driver on the download page. Main change is support for the new Cintiq Pro 16 model and a new 'Wacom echo' feature for MobileStudio Pro.

for Windows: Fixed several problems related to touch on display tablets. Last update for an issue with transferring paper sketches or sketching in Inkspace

for OSX: Wavy lines problem fixed polus a number of other issues fixed or improved.

Cintiq Pro 16 Photoshop menu doesn't show

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Cintiq Pro 16 Photoshop menu doesn't show

Postby LynnChen » Sat 1. Apr 2017, 19:35

Cintiq 16 woks great so far. Only one issue that's been bothering me:
Photoshop shop main menu sometimes got stuck between my two screens, hidden under the system menu on the Cintiq display. So I can't move the photoshop panel or click the tools up there. I had to turn off the Cintiq and drag the photoshop away then turn Cintiq back on.
(Here is a screen shot of my Cintiq screen)

I'm using MacOS Sierra, 10.12.3, Photoshop CC 217,
The wacome driver is latest version 6.3.21-5

Anyone had the same issue with Cintiq multi monitor display?

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