NEW tablet driver 6.3.22-3 for OSX released. For release notes use the link below the driver on the download page. Problem mit modifiers on keyboard getting stuck was fixed.

New version for for Windows 6.3.22-6: Fixed various problems - f.e. pen not working after start or return from sleep.

For more details see the driver release notes on the driver download page.

Cintiq Pro 16 Photoshop menu doesn't show

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Cintiq Pro 16 Photoshop menu doesn't show

Postby LynnChen » Sat 1. Apr 2017, 19:35

Cintiq 16 woks great so far. Only one issue that's been bothering me:
Photoshop shop main menu sometimes got stuck between my two screens, hidden under the system menu on the Cintiq display. So I can't move the photoshop panel or click the tools up there. I had to turn off the Cintiq and drag the photoshop away then turn Cintiq back on.
(Here is a screen shot of my Cintiq screen)

I'm using MacOS Sierra, 10.12.3, Photoshop CC 217,
The wacome driver is latest version 6.3.21-5

Anyone had the same issue with Cintiq multi monitor display?

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