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cintiq pro 16 distorted screen

Posted: Tue 11. Apr 2017, 06:52
by HjorthBjorn
Updated with a movie: ...
my camera hardly picks it up, hopefully you see what i mean, you will see a ripple effect like the Hertz is wrong.

When the pen gets close to the screen the screen get alitle distorted and makes wavylines across in a area around the pen nib(it's very subtle), anyone know if this is a driver issue or that I am running at 1440p and not 4K?

or is the screen malfunctioning and should i return it?

Re: cintiq pro 16 distorted screen

Posted: Wed 4. Dec 2019, 22:02
by spriggan7
I just received my new(refurbished) Cintiq Pro 16 and it seems to be all good except for this ripple distortion that you mentioned. I can't seem to find many other instances of this online. I know this was a while ago but did you find a solution?

I agree that it seems like a hertz problem or some kind of electrical interference of some sort. It's very slight but it's definitely not a normal thing. I'm running it off an iMac on Mojave. I'm getting a new MacBook Pro 16 inch in a few days and I'm hoping that may go away with a direct USB-C connection.

Re: cintiq pro 16 distorted screen

Posted: Thu 5. Dec 2019, 15:41
by wacom5
This is a consequence of the EMR sensor interfering with the screen's operating frequency (not the same as refresh rate). This is more noticeable in our 16" displays but this is not a defect. It does not interfere with standard functionality of the device.

Re: cintiq pro 16 distorted screen

Posted: Thu 5. Dec 2019, 20:26
by spriggan7
Good to know. Thanks for the clarification.