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New MacOS drivers!?

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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New MacOS drivers!?

Postby Onii077 » Tue 11. Apr 2017, 19:56

The new drivers claim to fix the wavy lines!! I CANNOT WAIT to get home to try them out! I am beside myself with joy that they might work! Anyone else installed them yet?


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Re: New MacOS drivers!?

Postby Onii077 » Tue 11. Apr 2017, 22:53

OMG, it's really happening!

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Re: New MacOS drivers!?

Postby maxforward » Wed 12. Apr 2017, 00:43

so do they work?? mac os sierra?

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Re: New MacOS drivers!?

Postby Onii077 » Wed 12. Apr 2017, 01:42

Yes so far they seem to work perfectly, no sticky clicking no jagged lines!!! Let me get a few more hours under my belt to be absolutely sure, but early signs point to yes.

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Re: New MacOS drivers!?

Postby TheNoLifeKing » Wed 12. Apr 2017, 12:52

Drawing a very slow line on OSX still produces jitters, doing the same thing on Windows doesn't seem to. It's much better, but it seems like Wacoms drivers on windows produce better lines when moving very slow.

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Re: New MacOS drivers!?

Postby genericusername » Sat 15. Apr 2017, 00:18

ok so this brought back sticky keys for me, dammit!

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Re: New MacOS drivers!?

Postby dcturner » Sat 15. Apr 2017, 01:31


Unwanted Double Clicks? FIXED
Jagged Lines? FIXED
Sticky Modifier Keys? ..... Back again. >:(


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Re: New MacOS drivers!?

Postby Onii077 » Sat 15. Apr 2017, 13:54

For me these are the best drivers since MacOS 10.12.0. I don't have the sticky keys issue. I don't have jagged lines. I MIGHT have a little bit of the wavy lines, but if it's there is VERY faint, it's certainly not the jagged lines that made me abandon my very expensive "toy" for so long. I'm lucky that I don't make my living off my Cintiq.

Anyway, I guess YMMV, but for me these are easily the best drivers in months, and I may get back to more drawing and painting because of it.

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Re: New MacOS drivers!?

Postby embe2020 » Sat 15. Apr 2017, 18:39

Amazing... I'm actually thinking about using my Wacom again... seriously slow on this release... Wacom has dropped the ball and I honestly only expect more of this in the future... It's pretty clear Wacom, Adobe and Apple don't have any regular communications going on, these products will continue to suffer going forward.

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Re: New MacOS drivers!?

Postby bgood69 » Sat 15. Apr 2017, 20:46

My only problem is the standby of my cintiq 27, it goes on standby one shot on two under sierra, under windows 10 no problem do you have this worry?

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