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Does anyone else ever hear very quiet ticking from their 22HD?

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Does anyone else ever hear very quiet ticking from their 22HD?

Postby spadesart » Wed 12. Apr 2017, 18:00

Ok, so last month I bought a huion, my first ever display tablet. Ended up being faulty, made crackling and popping noises constantly, and had to return it. It was really depressing since I'd spent literal months saving for my first display. Bit the bullet and got the 22HD last week. The whole time I've been hyperfixating on ANY noise that came out of it and it's been stressing me out unbelievably. Last night about an hour and a half after turning it off I listened around the back and heard a very faint tick that went off 2 or 3 times. I've heard that occasional mechanical clicks are normal for new screens but god, I'm terrified of it turning into another faulty monitor. Does anyone else's make occasional quiet internal sounds? Tablet works perfectly when on. Didn't hear anything before turning it back on this morning. Sent an email to wacom but their service is bogged down atm.

I'm also currently stuck in Adapter Hell until my proper dvi i - micro hdmi comes in. There's 2 adapters stacked atm (dvi-hdmi, hdmi-micro hdmi), could that be causing some weirdness?

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