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Wacom: Can you please address the Wavy Line Issue on the Cintiq Pro 16?

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Wacom: Can you please address the Wavy Line Issue on the Cintiq Pro 16?

Postby OhMyRetry » Sun 14. May 2017, 22:39

I just want to know that you at least know about the issue. There's already a thread talking about all of the issues with this system, but here, I want to compile things about the wavy line issue, so that you guys can see all that the users of this device have deducted. It's a big issue, one that is detrimental to drawing on your device; having wavy lines present when you need to draw slower lines is really just not something you want to happen on a device like this - you don't want wavy lines in your artwork like this. So, getting to the issue.

1) It is present on the Cintiq Pro 16, the Windows drivers are affected, as are the OSX (I'm Windows, so can speak for that). Yes, I know you guys released a driver for OSX, that was supposed to fix the issue; but it didn't for your OSX users, and nothing was done for your Windows users. People are experiencing this with the Pro 16 on Windows, as well, with the latest drivers.

2) It is mostly visible using the Pro Pen 2. If you use a Grip Pen, it isn't rampant; somewhere, the Cintiq Pro 16 is having issues with the Pro Pen 2. The Mobile Studio Pro 13 and 16 don't have the issue it seems, neither does the Cintiq Pro 13. It is just an issue on the Cintiq Pro 16.

3) Even with 6.3.21-10 for Windows, this is still present. Ditto for OSX, it seems, with the users there, as well.

So, what does that tell you? It's an issue somewhere between the Cintiq Pro 16 and the Pro Pen 2: they aren't playing together very well. And I'll stress this again: this is Windows as well, not just OSX. Now, I'll compile a list of several of your users who have found out all of this, and you can see the evidence clearly for yourself. This should narrow the down the issue a fair amount, while showing you that the issue is very much so still there.

The first source to show you is the source from the whole issue thread - time-marked to the wavy line issue since that is the purpose of this thread here.

Here: https://youtu.be/E21MXal0xT0?t=41s

That shows you the core issue itself - you can't knock that down to user troubles. The next source is a bit more glaring, and it is what really shows that the issue is for the Pro Pen 2. It works fine with other pens; in this case, this user used a Grip Pen - wavy lines were gone, and the difference between the two is obvious. This shows where the issue is located, and it should help you guys narrow down the issue.


And keep in mind, that was in the latest drivers, on the Cintiq Pro 16. Here's another source, which, yet again, helps isolate the issue to specific variables. In the comments, several people at first state they don't seem to have issues; however, when they go and try to draw slower lines, they see that the issue is very much so there.


Now what does all that tell you? It tells you that the issue occurs when lines are drawn a bit slower; which, if someone does a lot of inkwork, is very apparent. You might wager that the slow lines being wavy is solely a result of a hand being wobbly, but that proves not to be the case by comparing the link before the one I just gave you. If you draw slow lines with the Pro Pen 1/Grip Pen; they are fine. But if you swap to Pro Pen 2, it becomes an issue. Everything comes back around to the Pro Pen 2 having trouble with the Cintiq Pro 16. There is a link somewhere between those two. I just want you guys to know of this issue and find that link. I love this product, I really do, but the wavy line issue is the only thing stopping me from recommending it to my friends. Thanks for your time.

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Re: Wacom: Can you please address the Wavy Line Issue on the Cintiq Pro 16?

Postby Nilodia » Thu 15. Jun 2017, 06:21

Now it's been one month without a response (not to mention all the earlier posts about the same issue). I've seen many people in Wacom-related forums ask if they should buy a Cintiq Pro and getting the answer "I wouldn't recommend it as long as the wavy line issue persists" from Cintiq owners. Meanwhile, Wacom thinks that the best tactic is to say absolutely nothing, not even "We're aware of the issue and working to correct it". It boggles my mind.

(Has anyone, anywhere heard back from Wacom regarding this?)

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Re: Wacom: Can you please address the Wavy Line Issue on the Cintiq Pro 16?

Postby Rocketboots » Tue 27. Jun 2017, 13:51

They most certainly are aware of the issue:

"I'm afraid that at the moment, we don't have a better solution. Hopefully these issues will be fixed in the future. We have had a few other reports but we are still connecting the dots so we can find a permanent solution. I'm not able to estimate when that will happen. 

Thank you for your patience and cooperation so far. We really appreciate it." 

It had been over a month of waiting for a fix when I received that message, with weeks of silence at a time from support who I had to chase to get a response, with several of my questions still unanswered despite being asked several times. Fortunately the company I bought it from offered me a return, though I had to pay the expense of shipping.

A frustrating waste of my time and money.

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Re: Wacom: Can you please address the Wavy Line Issue on the Cintiq Pro 16?

Postby wacom1 » Thu 29. Jun 2017, 07:13

Please not: If you see wavy lines when using a Wacom Pro Pen 2 with your Wacom Cintiq Pro 13” or 16”, Wacom has released a new pen firmware (version to address this issue (for OSX and Windows).
We highly recommend that you update to this latest pen firmware which is now available via the Wacom Desktop Center application on your computer. If you have any further questions, please our Customer Support Team.

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Re: Wacom: Can you please address the Wavy Line Issue on the Cintiq Pro 16?

Postby tanibus » Fri 14. Jul 2017, 15:22

Same problem here.
I'm working on windows 10 on photoshop, file 40228x4320 pixel, 4k resolution and wacom link. The wacom 16 pro does wavy line.
I have all firmware and driver updated.

I need help, because I have to complete my work in time (my work is in timeline schedule with other collegues for the VG production).
Thank you.

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