NEW tablet driver 6.3.22-3 for OSX released. For release notes use the link below the driver on the download page. Problem mit modifiers on keyboard getting stuck was fixed.

New version for for Windows 6.3.22-6: Fixed various problems - f.e. pen not working after start or return from sleep.

For more details see the driver release notes on the driver download page.

Cintiq 13HD display settings do not detect display!

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Cintiq 13HD display settings do not detect display!

Postby xesolor » Tue 16. May 2017, 00:57

When I try to open Wacom Display Settings to adjust contrast like before, now it suddenly says "No Wacom Displays - No supported Wacom pen display connected"!

This is clearly wrong as Wacom Desktop Center detects my Cintiq 13HD fine? Pen pressure fine, all keys, connections, caliberations normal, just the damn display settings where basic brightness and contrast adjustments are unavailable? What the hell?

The services are fine, device manager fine to my limited knowledge, it should be since all are functioning normal except the crucial display settings?

I have updated to the latest driver, rolled back to older drivers, all to no avail. Windows 10 was just updated to Creators but this problem existed before that?

No matter whether I extend, duplicate the display just the display settings won't discover the otherwise fully connected 13HD?

Before when this happened I just restarted computer and display settings would discover and work as normal, but now doesn't matter how many times I restart, only the damn display settings won't acknowledge the connected display?

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