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macOS 6.3.22-3 shift key getting stuck from remote.

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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macOS 6.3.22-3 shift key getting stuck from remote.

Postby kenmadsen » Mon 22. May 2017, 05:27

I seem to still be experiencing modifier key SHIFT getting stuck.

to replicate issue, bind step backwards in photoshop to the remote and perform the step back. Shift key gets stuck and I have to push the shift key on my keyboard for it to unstick, this is RATHER ANNOYING.
I have had my Cintiq 27 touch since they came out and I do not think there has been a single week in which there hasn't been some form of bug that I have had to work around in my daily workflow. I'm starting to lose patience..

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Re: macOS 6.3.22-3 shift key getting stuck from remote.

Postby dsaponaro » Mon 22. May 2017, 17:37

Yup. Same issue here. Modifiers still stick. With remote and buttons on the pen as well.

As I wrote in another thread and for the last version of the driver. While it doesn't occur quite as often the following all still applies...

I have the option key assigned to one of the pen buttons for both Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop in order to toggle the eye dropper tool. I also have the CMD and OPTION button assigned to the other Pen button for Corel Painter and CTRL and OPTION assigned in Adobe Photoshop. This is in order for me to change the brush size in both programs. All of the above constantly "Sticks" after pressing either of the pens buttons. While it might not stick EVERY time, I estimate that they stick 8 out of 10 times. Mac Pro. 27QHD Touch Cintiq. Sierra 10.12.5. I do have an Apple wireless magic mouse connected as well. Tried changing settings in accessibility preferences too with no effect.

On another note I am also finding that there is an issue with painting straight lines in Corel Painter. Holding shift down in order to constrain the marks either perfectly vertical or horizontal doesn't work properly for shorter strokes. Anyone experience this as well? Is this related to the wavy line issue?

Ive owned the Cintiq 27 QHD Touch for almost a year now and it has yet to work properly as advertised. Pretty crazy dealing with all of these bugs for such a premium priced product.

Dominick Saponaro

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