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when a refresh of the 22/24 with better resolution?

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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when a refresh of the 22/24 with better resolution?

Postby cocouacocoua » Wed 28. Jun 2017, 11:19

The super big pixels of the Cintiqs 22 and 24 makes content looks horrible dented, cintiq 13HD ppi is far too small but something in between, as the modern screens do since years ago, would be awesome, Cintiqs are much closer to the eyes than the average monitor, but they keep one of the worst ppi in market. Is a nonsense, someone said in this forums that they look as rice grains...

If you have any other devices to work on the move, you can tell the big difference when sitting back to your "pro" equipment, then you remember the screens are made of little squares you almost forgot they existed.

YES! pixels are alive, but just in wacom's universe!!!

13HD pixels are too small, maybe OK enough for young people, but over 40s some would find this very small for a daily use, perfect combination thought for portability.

Cintiq Pro 16 in OSX with Hidpi/retina/ settings at 4266x2400 (means emulating 2133x1200 but with super sharp crisp elements) was an amazing combination, pixels are represented a bit bigger than the in 13HD, enough to read text and good elements size on screen, and lines and art looks as sharp as in an iMac retina 4K/5K (antiglare coating light diffusion aside...).

OK, today, many computers still can't deliver 4K, but almost all of them can deliver 2560x1440, and 24HD is a perfect device to this pixel aspect size, and it would be a perfect transition before Hidpi era (or it would have been 2-3 years ago), now, nothing less than a 4k 24" Cintiq would be respectable.

I've been dreaming in working on a decent Cintiq-hidpi-screen since 2012 when I bought the Retina Macbook Pro, and tasted the sweet honey of the far far far far far future.

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