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Cintiq 27QHD Touch - Pinch Zoom no longer working

Posted: Tue 27. Dec 2016, 10:31
by ricoholmes
Windows 10, tested on drivers up to 6.3.19

The QHD has been superb for the last year right up until last week, when suddenly pinch to zoom (and rotate) stopped working. It still works in windows Edge Browser, but that's the only place I can get it to work, making me assume it's a windows update issue. it fails in every other app.

The thing is, it coincided with the first time I've ever used it in ( I guess ) tablet mode. Accidentally hitting display toggle. Even though I hit toggle to go back to the QHD screen as primary I've never been able to get touch to work again.

Have wasted a good day or so rolling back windows, trying new drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling all legacy wacom drivers, deleteing all wacom prefs, cold restarts, switching USB ports etc.

I'm flustered now as without full touch control it's become incredibly frustrating to work.

I read:

NOTE: There is a known limitation which affects Cintiq Pro 13 FHD when using the product in pen tablet mode. In this mode, certain features within applications which use the multi-touch API may not work properly.

from the forum main page. Mine's a 27QHD Touch, not a Cintiq Pro 13 FHD, but it sounds like it could be the same thing ? What's the status/workaround here ?

Re: Cintiq 27QHD Touch - Pinch Zoom no longer working

Posted: Wed 28. Dec 2016, 20:00
by ricoholmes
Answer from Wacom:
The Wacom driver supports several methods of touch handling. On Windows8.x it supports the standard 2 finger multitouch gestures for scrolling/panning/zooming. This requires a touchscreen device as primary display. If you have tablet with touchscreen like a Cintiq, the driver allows to select 'use Windows gestures' or 'use Wacom gestures'.

If you have touch device without screen like an Intuos, there are no 'Windows gestures' for that. In this case multitouch handling depends on the application. Some programs like Corel Painter have multitouch support build-in and use Wacoms recommended TouchAPI. (You may have to activate the multitouch support within the application.) If an application does not support multitouch, we use the method of sending suitable keystrokes or system events to the program.

I find my 27QHD Touch works fine in Corel Painter,using corel painter multitouch. No other app.
Does this indicate that the 27QHD is now no longer recognized as a touch screen?
This screen is starting to look like a fabulously expensive mistake.

Re: Cintiq 27QHD Touch - Pinch Zoom no longer working

Posted: Thu 29. Dec 2016, 11:28
by wacom1
If touch works in some applications, we can exclude a hardware failure. If you had it working before as you wanted and now not anymore, it appears to be a problem of some setting.

In a multimonitor setting it could be that touch on the Cintiq27 affects the wrong screen: in this case go to the Tablet PC control panel, select 'setup', then 'touch' and make sure that the Cintiq is set as touchscreen.

Otherwise I suggest to reset the driver. Go to Start menu -> Wacom Tablet -> Wacom prefs utility, make a backup of your settings (just in case), then use 'remove' settings. The driver will restart and should work again with standard settings.

Please be aware, that touch functions can depend on the application software and may stop working, when you update the application, the tablet driver (or some parts of Windows).

Re: Cintiq 27QHD Touch - Pinch Zoom no longer working

Posted: Fri 30. Dec 2016, 13:26
by ricoholmes
Hello, and thank you for the reply.

Having done all you mentioned (again) I finally gave up and completely re-installed the machine. It's been a couple of years anyway, so I thought maybe something had become corrupted.

So, fresh start, clean machine. Pinch to Zoom still doesnt work. Half day wasted.
Windows 10 Professional
Clip Studio Paint 1.62 -No
Photoshop cc2017 -No
Haven't installed other apps yet, but it's already shot.

Have Microsoft changed anything recently in favour of the NTrig and the new Surface Studio that Wacom is unaware of ?
I've literally changed nothing. But as we all know and hate, Microsoft do force their updates.

Re: Cintiq 27QHD Touch - Pinch Zoom no longer working

Posted: Sat 31. Dec 2016, 10:02
by ricoholmes
Also, just to clarify: TOUCH does work. It's the two-finger gestures that are failing completely.
Pinch to Zoom and Rotate

The whole reason for purchasing a touch unit for me, and they worked fine until a week or so ago.

I know I might seem like I'm ranting, but it's frustrating and infuriating being suddenly handicapped without explanation. Ironically I was hoping to catch up with 3 projects during the holidays to alleviate stress.

Re: Cintiq 27QHD Touch - Pinch Zoom no longer working

Posted: Sun 1. Jan 2017, 01:18
by Onii077
If you're comfortable with editing XML then there is a file called AppGestures.xml (at least that's what it's called on the Mac) that defines per application gestures and how the data talks back and forth between the app, driver and screen. I have had some luck remapping gesture for apps that don't support them natively, or where they override the driver and implement their own (like mischief, aptly named). Wacom provides defaults for many popular apps, and I am wondering if in a recent driver update - that's where the file lives, (again on Mac) - you have a version that's overriding the way you were expecting it to behave.

Re: Cintiq 27QHD Touch - Pinch Zoom no longer working

Posted: Sun 1. Jan 2017, 09:35
by ricoholmes
Onii077 - Thank you very much for the suggestion and helping me troubleshoot this.

No problem editing the xml. This guide was also a superb help should anyone else ever need to: ... lications/

Now, unfortunately it doesn't fix the problem no matter what input/keyboard overrides I set. In this case Clip Studio as it's where I do most illustration.
Looking into the XML it seems Wacom is very up to date on everything there anyway ( ZBRush Core was already covered etc). I think it's higher level where touch recognition is failing.

For example: Chrome also fails on pinch zoom now, where Edge works fine.
for bug solving note: In Chrome, as soon as you put two fingers to the screen to initiate pinch: it comes up with the right button menu instead.
Most alarmingly, it does initiate a two-finger touch maybe once every 15-20 times. There's definitely a bug or timer setting gone awry somewhere.

Again, note that this is a clean install. Nothing should be causing input interference.

Re: Cintiq 27QHD Touch - Pinch Zoom no longer working

Posted: Sun 1. Jan 2017, 13:50
by metalraj
i m facing exactly same issue post updating the driver 'WacomTablet_6.3.19-3' on my windows 10.. all the same issues... no pinch or rotate zoom.. it works only on windows edge and if i try to use on chrome it triggers right click... in adobe illustrator the touch creates issues with screen .. hence i have to switch off the touch totally to use it peacefully.... the touch feature on my cintiq 27 has been a pain of the highest order from the day i bought it ! :(

Re: Cintiq 27QHD Touch - Pinch Zoom no longer working

Posted: Mon 2. Jan 2017, 14:13
by spikyfre
Same problem on driver 6.3.19-3 in Photoshop and 3D Coat, which all were working fine before...

We need this fixed asap please

Re: Cintiq 27QHD Touch - Pinch Zoom no longer working

Posted: Mon 2. Jan 2017, 14:14
by cjadams
Not the only one.. Yes.. some apps work but its no longer universal and system wide.. A real pain in the arse!
what the hell changed???