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Cintiq Pro 13HD No Recognized by Laptop

Posted: Sat 15. Jul 2017, 21:59
by nyathan
I recently got a 13HD Cintiq about 2 weeks ago and it has been working fine until today. I use a 2014 Macbook Pro. I think I was installing the pen update and it failed for no reason? Now my computer refuses to recognize the Cintiq being connected to my laptop and the buttons on the Cintiq won't even work.

Wacom Desktop Center says all my drivers are up to date now. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the drivers to no avail, along with restarting. Please help, I didn't save up $1k just to get a big useless monitor!!

Re: Cintiq Pro 13HD No Recognized by Laptop

Posted: Wed 25. Oct 2017, 11:05
by Kanethy
Hi, I have the same issue, my computer doesn't recognize my tablet, the screen appears but pen touch and any buttons don't work. Tried everything, the issue should come from the usb connection, but I don't know what to do... help..