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cintiq Pro 16 touch not working unless unplug-plug back again

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Joined: Sat 15. Jul 2017, 20:44

cintiq Pro 16 touch not working unless unplug-plug back again

Postby angrygymnast » Sun 16. Jul 2017, 18:32

I've been a long wacom user, however this is my first time owning a Cintiq.

I have Mac (sierra) iMac (2016, almost new).

This is a crucial question for me as I am testing the device in order to figure out if it is faulty or not (I've had many wacom tablets -intous mainly- so I know every glitch that must be known and how to fix it. however I'm new to Cintiqs. Bought it on Friday)

When I turn of the computer, touch function will not work UNLESS I unplug the tablet off and on again (from the usb port). It happens almost every single time. I don't know if this is a driver issue or what.

What it does (strangely) is that if I put my finger on the cintiq, the cursor moves on the screen on the iMac) which tells me the wacom DOES detect the touch, but for some reason, is doing what is suppose to do on the wacom screen, on my computer screen. When it does this, I unplug the wacom and now the computer detects the touch ON the wacom.

The pen is responsive, cursor calibrated. Everything. works beautifully when it's working to its fullest.

However I want to figure out if this issue with the touch function is a driver issue (which wacom in widely known for or maybe Sierra is playing a trick on me and there is a conflict between the OS and WACOM) or if my wacom is faulty -guys I need to know because I spent a loooot of money on this and if I need to exchange it for another one that works fine before my warranty with the store expires.

Also, I am worried that I have to unplug and plug it back in, because I'd have to do it EVERYDAY (I work in animation so I bought it for heavy duty stuff). I'm worried that unplugging the damned thing while on, could do something to it.

Also, it doesn't work if I turn the wacom off first and then the computer on afterwards. Or restart the machine with the wacom on- It's my Third day using the cintiq and every time I have to unplug it and plug it back in.

If anyone has gone through this I'd be forever grateful. I just want to be sure this is an annoying driver issue, because I have 30 days for the warranty at the store. Wacom is also known in my country for warranty problems. I'd rather return it to the store than have a fight with wacom directly to exchange a faulty device


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