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Cintiq 24HD black screen after .5s

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Cintiq 24HD black screen after .5s

Postby dizasteraz » Thu 27. Jul 2017, 15:43

Hi everyone.
the issue:
Wacom Cintiq 24HD black screens after half a second

Pen works fine, buttons work fine, only the display shows black screen - not a backlight issue as there is no picture at all, happens both when pc is turned on or off

It started about 2 years ago: after moving I turned on my display and it black screened after half a second. I tried anything I could think of - reinstalled the drivers, changed all cables and power on-off frantically. After about 2 hours of troubleshooting the unit started working fine.

The problem reocurred again maybe a year later. Again after moving, this time I had contacted customer support because there was about 3 months left on warranty, they told me to ship the unit for fixing to Germany. I had a terrible 10-12hour schedule and was super-busy so I setup another monitor and used the tablet as a standard tablet only as pen and other functions worked fine. After about 2~3 days of work I tried to put Cintiq's vga cabpe back to the pc and to my surprise it worked fine again.

I have learned that:
• issue starts when I turn-off and unplug the unit for at least couple of hour
• if I keep it turned on even when not in use issue seems to not occur*** (at least until today)
• suspect power supply as it happens so that the issue seems to work itself out when psu 'heats up'*** (at least until today)
• read in forums that this is an inverter issue in psu or in the display itself
• only fix I've found is to ship the unit for replacement or fix in Germany, customer support not really satisfactory (also as of late last year, warranty ran out)

So today I turned on my PC and god damn it - the cintiq gone blackscreen after .5 seconds.
I searched through wacom and non-wacom online shops for new power supply and bam - it is out of stock everywhere

Please, if anyone had a similar issue - share how you worked it out - what are the pottential fixes, maybe it is possible to DIY.
Please share any knowledge about this issue and the possible in depth look at the issue (what has failed, and why, maybe a single transformer gone bad somewhere?)
Since tha warranty has ran out and I don't want to pay 1000+€ for replacement/shipping I am willing to try to fix it myself or ask more electrically gifted friends to try it but first I need some kind of clue why it happens?

Thank you all

Update 1st of August:

I have spent the weekend out of home and left the unit up and running, today I've found that it is again working properly.

This is a strange issue, it doesn't really disrupt a schedule because I can use it as a regular tablet, but still frustrates me - unit doesn't have a scratch on it in 4 years but the internals obviously are deteriorating and every hiccup like this feels like the next is going to be the end of it.

It is also quite sad - the PC I am using it with is months older and none of the parts have even showed signs of failure despite the whole PC cost around 1.2k£ which is 700£ cheaper than one single unit.
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Re: Cintiq 24HD black screen after .5s

Postby wacom1 » Fri 28. Jul 2017, 07:33

If the tablet part is still working, it is quite unlikely a problem with PSU. If you see a message ('no signal'), the problem could be cable connection, could be that the circuitry for digital connection (DVI) is broken, but VGA still working ok. Some Cintiq24 (DTK-2400) units were too sensitive for temperature and switched the display off, when surrounding temperature was rather hot. If possible, try to reduce brightness. - It is possible that a PCB inside the unit is faulty and needs replacement. Standard price for the fix would be about 380 € plus VAT and shipping. If other parts are affected, price could be higher, but we send a cost estimate first after examination and before fixing the problem.

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Re: Cintiq 24HD black screen after .5s

Postby dizasteraz » Tue 1. Aug 2017, 10:30

Thanks Wacom, that gives a clue of what might be wrong . The thing is that the unit seems to manifest this problem when it is cold - where I live temperature is never an issue bacause it never gets hotter that 20°C inside. I have tried switching cables, using aftermarket ones, using DisplayPort, VGA and DVI - all work the same.

Only way I have found to work around the problem is to leave it on for extended period of time - or use it as a regular tablet for about a day.

Why I suspected the PSU was from discussions on other boards and customers with the same problem reporting that Wacom told the problems were with faulty Inverters inside the unit or in the PSU (strange thing - problems were the same as mine whether or not they reported faulty inverter in the unit or in the PSU).

380€ for permanent fix doesn't sound bad - the problem is shipping it to Germany which will skyrocket the cost - first, I can't really trust my main working tool to be gone for too long as my earnings entirely depend on it and I have clients who hire on very irregular and sporadic fashion needing results quickly. So it is not really an option unless you have certified fixing services in Lithuania.

Anyway, as of today the problem once again worked itself out on its own so I hope it won't manifest again for another year. Thanks again for the reply

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Re: Cintiq 24HD black screen after .5s

Postby Biebrich » Thu 17. Aug 2017, 07:44

Hi Dizasteraz. Glad to hear your Cintiq works again. It might not be the last you have heard of the problem. I have the same, for years now. I bought my Cintiq 24HD in February 2012, and it had this issue from the start but the problem was too sporadic and I also depend on it for my work. Well, everytime the problem re-occurs, I'm not so sure anymore it still is just sporadic.

One thing has changed though: I have a new variety of going to black screen: Now sometimes my Cintiq entertains me with some flickering before it goes black, and sometimes it adds more excitement by extending the "on time" to two or even three seconds. It doesn't know that I don't need the excitement. It is stressful enough.

I can add to the discussion that it actually did bring some relief some years ago when I reduced the screen brightness to 50%. But that was just temporary relief.

I too have the feeling it might have something to do with temperature and also humidity. This time the problem reoccured after I had a leaking water pipe in the apartment above mine, which caused a slight increase in humidity in my home office.

This might also explain why this happens less when the cintiq is runninhg more often or even during the night as you described, dizasteraz. The running fan warms and dries the interior of the cintiq. My office room is also pretty cold.

I actually live in Germany. Where in Germany were you supossed to send it to?

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Re: Cintiq 24HD black screen after .5s

Postby wacom1 » Thu 17. Aug 2017, 13:20

Wacom service center for Europe is in Düsseldorf.

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Re: Cintiq 24HD black screen after .5s

Postby karopiet » Fri 15. Sep 2017, 13:39

Is there an answer to the problem now?

I have the same error. I turn on my device and my screen shows my desk. After half a second, it's black again. But I can still use my pen anyway. What should I do? I can not imagine that the device is broken. Especially since it has worked just a few days ago. I had the same problem a few months ago and it has solved, by re-installing my Mac.

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Re: Cintiq 24HD black screen after .5s

Postby PookiesWorld » Tue 30. Jan 2018, 11:31

wacom1 wrote:Wacom service center for Europe is in Düsseldorf.

Hi, I am living in the Netherlands, I have two Wacom Cintiq 24HD with both this problem, one is still working from time to time the other is put aside
for now, do I need to make a appointment for bringing in my Cintiq for repair, both units was purchased with Tablet4U in Netherlands and I have invoices from them.

Kind regards,

Etienne van Bruggen
MVB International

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Re: Cintiq 24HD black screen after .5s

Postby wacom1 » Tue 30. Jan 2018, 14:37

If your unit(s) need repair, please contact Wacom support to get an RMA and details for further handling. - The Wacom service center is currently moving to another place. Shipping is ok, but no appointment or personal delivery is possible unfortunately.

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