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Wacom "Art Pen"; Help needed

Posted: Thu 29. Dec 2016, 18:02
by horriblenight

I bought a wacom "Art Pen" by mistake, thinking its was the normal "grip" stylus.
Now, I cant return it since its out of the box so I need to know; can you make this "Art Pen" function like a normal "Grip pen"?
I understand that the "Art pen" is good for digital painting, but my problem that I need to do some fine digital inking right now. My inking style is with very quick brushstrokes, but it seems impossible with this pen. It lags and quick brushstrokes always turn out thick, like if pen pressure isnt applied.
I use Cintiq 24HD and Photoshop

Re: Wacom "Art Pen"; Help needed

Posted: Fri 30. Dec 2016, 11:07
by wacom1
The Artpen works basically same as the Grip Pen, but send additional information about the pen rotation. As it sends more data, it is a bit slower (and the software may need a bit more time to process the data). You should hardly notice a difference though (unless you selected brush can use the rotation data for additional effects). - Please note that the driver applies different settings for the Artpen, you should minimize the doubleclick distance setting for the Artpen and (if using Windows) turn off the 'use Windows Ink' option for the Artpen.
If you bought the pen Online (and in Europe) you should normally be able to return a device within 2 weeks even when unpacked. Check with your dealer.