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Cintiq/Mobilestudio vs Intuos

Cintiq and Cintiq Pro
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Joined: Mon 11. Sep 2017, 11:16

Cintiq/Mobilestudio vs Intuos

Postby WinterSolaris » Mon 11. Sep 2017, 11:45

Hello, I'm not sure if this topic has already been created before, but I hope to get some answers/opinions anyway.

I've been mostly used to Intuos4 and currently own an Intuos Comic. I'm considering a Cintiq 13HD or perhaps a Mobilestudio Pro...
Because I'm really slow at using Intuos, so I'm hoping it might help me speed up and maybe make it a bit easier to just draw directly on the tablet instead of looking at a different screen.

So I had a few questions and would love opinions from you guys if you are already using either Cintiq13HD or the MobileStudio Pro.

My first question is about when you're drawing on the Cintiq/MobileStudio, is it very similar to the intuos4/Intuos Comic's feel? like kiiiinda paper-ish/slightly rough-feel to it, or is it like drawing with chopsticks on glass? xD

Have any annoyances occured to the Cintiq/Mobilestudio that you personally have noticed?

If there's anyone else who did the type of upgrade as I'm considering doing from a similar intuos product I'd love to hear what they feel about the new differences and so on. :)

Recommendations are very welcome,
as I'm very unsure if I should pay extra to get a product that acts as direct draw-in tablet but also works as a wireless minicomputer, or just buy the cintiq 13hd;
although I'm not very fan of being stuck in the same position for my back and neck all the time due to restrictions of a short cable. Don't really have a proper working space, so the tablets usually go on my lap while the pc is connected in front of me somehow, either on bed or on a chair or coffeetable.

I'm definitely not a professional artist, but would indeed like to improve my art in a more enjoyable way...

Thanks for your time, bothering to read all this and thanks if you do answer. :P

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Joined: Sat 16. Sep 2017, 07:52

Re: Cintiq/Mobilestudio vs Intuos

Postby CathrineNickole » Sat 16. Sep 2017, 21:32

My opinion is that wacom tablets are excellent like Intuos Pro is great as compare to plain. Lately some people have claimed that other brands (Huion) have reached high enough quality to be used for graphics art. For more information you may want to refer to this article entry: the fact that I needed something a little bit more advanced, and something that I wouldn't need to keep upgrading

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