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Cintiq 22 HD Cursor Issues

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Cintiq 22 HD Cursor Issues

Postby Leeaux » Tue 12. Sep 2017, 04:02

Hey guys,

This just started happening today. My cursor is fighting me on my Wacom. I can move it and it will stick with me, but if I lift up and put it back down in a different spot, it freaks out and can take seconds to catch up to where I am. If I keep the mouse on the tablet it keeps up fine but when I lift up it breaks for a few seconds.

Obviously this is a pain in the ass when I'm trying to draw.

I've reinstalled the drivers at least four times. I'm on Windows 10. My Wacom is a Cintiq 22 HD. I got a message when I first turned it on this morning that the driver went bad. So I uninstalled it and this reinstalled and this has been happening ever since. Please help! I can make a video to show you the issue if you do not understand it!

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Cintiq 22 HD Cursor Issues

Postby wacom4 » Tue 12. Sep 2017, 06:49

When you open the driver control panel - does this work? If not, please follow the steps from http://www.wacom.com/en-us/support?guid ... -(manually)-and-re-install-the-Wacom-driver-on-Windows-for-a-Pen-Tablet%2C-Pen-Display%2C-or-Pen-Computer%3F&guideId=ce67b2c8-4f6f-47c8-93cd-4c6581992d1c&stPage=guideListPage-1

Did you restart your computer after the installation?

If you can open the control panel - can you reach the diagnostic window? Open the Wacom Tablet Properties, click on ABOUT. In the ABOUT window choose DIAGNOSE. There you can see the pen movement. Does this show a different behavior than the cursor?

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