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Query regarding Wacom ONE and pens

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Query regarding Wacom ONE and pens

Postby kinnyman » Sun 24. Sep 2017, 12:37

Hello there.

I have been using a Wacom ONE (CTL-671) for er a year now and have recently moved.
It seems that my Pen for this has been lost in Transit.
I am having great difficulty in locating a new pen specifically for a Wacom ONE without having to just buy a new Tablet.
My question is, will Pens for similar models also work for the ONE or must it specifically be the same model for the Pen?

A secondary question I may as well ask is, I am considering using this as a chance to Upgrade should I not find a Pen replacement, what would be a good option to Upgrade for an amateur digital drawer like myself? My budget is tight, but I could go to £100-150 for the perfect model.

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Re: Query regarding Wacom ONE and pens

Postby wacom1 » Mon 25. Sep 2017, 09:05

The original pen for the OneByWacom is the LP-170. You could also use other LP pens like LP-160, LP-170E or LP-180, except for the LP-190 that is not compatible.

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