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How can I move the pen without moving the cursor?

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How can I move the pen without moving the cursor?

Postby Kilamonky » Fri 6. Oct 2017, 00:50

Hello! I recently bought a Wacom Intuos Draw and have started trying it out.
Everything works fine so far, and I'm liking it a lot.
However, I have noticed that the tablet is calibrated to correspond my screen. So, if I move the pen to the left side of the tablet, the cursor will also move to the left side of the screen. Is there a way to disable this? I'm running into issues when drawing because I need to preposition my arm/pen out of discomfort, but the cursor follows the pen and moves as well.
I want to be able to pick up my arm and pen, move it to a more comfortable position, but for the cursor to remain in the same place on screen (generally, where I left off in the drawing). This is a feature a previous tablet of mine had, something I found useful for the times you're drawing and reaching the edges of your tablet's drawing space.

I'll try another way to explain what I mean:
Currently, if my tablet pen touches down on top left of the tablet, the cursor will move to the top left of the monitor.
I want to be able to pick up my hand, move the pen to the center of the tablet, but for the cursor to remain in top left of the screen.
So my arm is comfortably drawing in the middle of the tablet, but the monitor displays as if I'm drawing in the top left corner.

Please advise if there is a setting that can achieve this. Thank you!

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Re: How can I move the pen without moving the cursor?

Postby wacom1 » Fri 6. Oct 2017, 07:45

I think what you are looking for is what we call 'mouse mode' in the driver. You can enable that in the tablet properties mapping panel. When you bring the pen in tablet proximity, the cursor will normally (when using 'tablet mode') jump to the corresponding screen position. In 'mouse mode' it will remain at the current place. When the pen is moved while in promity, it will always move the screen cursor in the same way, but in 'mouse mode' it moves 'relative' to the last position and speed depends on mouse speed settings. In 'tablet mode' the pointer movement is 'absolute' with fixed speed and you will not reach a screen border before reaching the tablet boarder.

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