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Supported Tablet Not Found (Intuos 3, OS X)

Posted: Wed 11. Oct 2017, 18:36
by bsabiston
I was trying to figure out how to map my Intuos 3 to reach both of my displays, and noticed that the Wacom control panel in the settings was gone. So I updated to the newest driver. Now the control panel is there, but it says "Supported Tablet Not Found". I know these are old tablets but I have had no reason to update them. Now that I've updated the driver however, not only am I not able to change the mapping but I have lost the old mapping that I did have.

I use this tablet daily for illustration work and the way it is set now will not work for me. How do I change the mapping now? Is there a way to get the control panel to see this tablet?

Re: Supported Tablet Not Found (Intuos 3, OS X)

Posted: Thu 12. Oct 2017, 07:01
by wacom1
We stopped selling Intuos3 tablets about 8 years ago and they are not supported anymore in the drivers since version 6.3.15. Without driver Intuos3 work only in mouse mode (no mapping, no pressure, no buttons). If you made a backup of your settings in the old driver (using the tablet prefs utility), uninstall current driver, install the 6.3.15 version and select to 'restore' the old settings from the backup.

Re: Supported Tablet Not Found (Intuos 3, OS X)

Posted: Thu 12. Oct 2017, 13:38
by bsabiston
Thanks, all I needed was the old driver. I hope you don't stop supporting those. I still have two giant architectural Wacom tablets from 1987, so these are pretty new by my standards. And I have a lot of Intuos 3's. They are too well made I guess, they never break.

Re: Supported Tablet Not Found (Intuos 3, OS X)

Posted: Fri 13. Oct 2017, 16:22
by ouscariqui

Same problem. I have an iMac 2017, a Cintiq 22HD and an old good Intuos3. All working OK with macos Sierra.

Today I updated to Hig Sierra, installed the new 6.3.25 driver, and Cintiq works OK, but not Intuos3 (not found in control panel, no buttons, not maped with the display...). If I install 6.3.15, Cintiq does not work fine (loses calibration)... and Intuos3 is still not recognized :(

All that I want is to map my Intuos to the iMac display and keep the Cintiq working well. Just as with macos Sierra!

Is this possible?
Is there a way?

Re: Supported Tablet Not Found (Intuos 3, OS X)

Posted: Mon 16. Oct 2017, 16:15
by ouscariqui
So, I assume I can not have an Intuos3 and a Cintiq 22HD running on the same iMac (not simultaneously) with Hig Sierra? Both worked perfectly well for years with Sierra and Lion. There is no way to have the two drivers installed, the old for the Intuos and the new for the Cintiq? Or any other solution? Is it so difficult? The devices are not broken...