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Intuos Draw 7” for photo editing?

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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Intuos Draw 7” for photo editing?

Postby blackerphotos » Sun 5. Nov 2017, 03:31

I have an opportunity, through my airline points programme, to acquire an Intuos Draw 7” tablet and wonder if it can be used successfully for photo editing with Photoshop. I do realize thee is a photo version of the Intuos, however it is not available through this points programme. Any comments are appreciated.

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Re: Intuos Draw 7” for photo editing?

Postby wacom1 » Sun 5. Nov 2017, 07:40

The tablet hardware for the Draw, Photo, Comic etc versions is the same, only the bundle software is different. The software with the Draw version is mainly for drawing new pictures. You can use it to modify a photo as well, but you may want tools that are more specialized for photo editing and use another program for that.

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Re: Intuos Draw 7” for photo editing?

Postby blackerphotos » Sun 5. Nov 2017, 16:02

Yes, I would be using Adobe Photohop as my editing program. My question was more relative to the compatibility of the Draw with other, third party software.

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Re: Intuos Draw 7” for photo editing?

Postby OCDnibwear » Tue 7. Nov 2017, 06:54

The Intuos Draw doesn't have multi-touch functionality which means that you will not be able to treat the tablet like as if it is a large touchpad. This is probably one of the more important considerations for one to consider about especially if they are a first time tablet user.

Other hardware differences amongst the Intuos range are physical (and therefore active area) sizes as well as bundled software as mentioned before. In theory, there should be no difference if one was to use a different software than whichever one was offered when they bought the tablet. In other words, you can even use Adobe Photoshop with Intuos Draw and would have the same sort of benefit minus whatever that was already pointed out;
* No multi-touch functionality (as Intuos Draw is the entry level). Other Intuos tablets have multi-touch capability and those can be disabled if need be.
* Adobe Photoshop (or whatever other software that you may want to use and that is not bundled with Intuos Draw) will need to be purchased/tried/etc separately. Tablet support for them heavily depends on the software for most parts and it shouldn't be restricted by one using Intuos Draw or Intuos Photo, etc.
* Intuos Art appears to be the only model (currently available brand new) that comes in Medium size. Other minor differences are the choices of colour to choose from amongst Intuos range.

* The New Wacom intuos Draw, Art, Photo and Comic Review, Comparison for all models (CTL490DW,CTL490DB,CTH690AK, CTH690AB ,CTH490PK ,CTH490CK CTH490CB,CTH490AK,CTH490AB )
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