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Touch gestures not working in Photoshop 2018

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Joined: Sun 12. Nov 2017, 13:42

Touch gestures not working in Photoshop 2018

Postby scorputx » Sun 12. Nov 2017, 13:44

So I got the following issue with my Wacom Art Pen and Touch graphic tablet and Photoshop:
When I use the Wacom tablet to zoom in/out by pinching my fingers or even more drastically when I try to navigate (scroll horizontally and vertically) in a zoomed-in picture by swiping with two fingers, photoshop lags extremly. Sometimes the horizontal scroll doesn't even work anymore (but only by using the tablet, if I use the mouse everything works fine).

I already tried the thing with the txt doc in the app data folder and disabled windows ink. However it's still not working.

Does anyone has an idea why this is happening and how I can solve it?

Photoshop CC 2018
Windows 10

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Re: Touch gestures not working in Photoshop 2018

Postby wacom1 » Sun 12. Nov 2017, 13:57

For this problem we recommend to use the older driver version 6.3.24

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