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Right click doesn't work

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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Right click doesn't work

Postby thvrnt » Sun 19. Nov 2017, 22:36

I use the new Intuos Pro PTH-660.

The right click function doesn't work anymore, the right-click button isn't defectuous, I tried to assign it differents functions and it has always worked.

I tried to uncheck the "Use Windows Ink" (not sure of the translation, it's in French) but either the right click worked and I had no pressure, either the pen didn't work at all.

Once, I changed the configuration from "Click > Right Click" to "Keyboard > Modificator > Right Click" and it worked until I unplugged the tablet. It has no effect anymore.

I uninstalled/installed the drivers, they're updated.

Right-Click is working fine with my older tablet, an Intuos Pen and Touch Small, CTH-480.

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Re: Right click doesn't work

Postby wacom1 » Mon 20. Nov 2017, 07:29

You are using WIndows10 with the Fall Creators Update ? That has changed some functions for software using Windows Ink and it can help to turn 'use Windows Ink' off. If you unplug and replug the tablet, Windows (or the driver) may see it as another tablet and you have to repeat changes to the settings. It can help to 'backup settings' when evrything is working ok, and if settings get lost use the 'restore settings' option or doubleclicking the settings backup file.

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Joined: Sun 19. Nov 2017, 22:24

Re: Right click doesn't work

Postby thvrnt » Mon 20. Nov 2017, 14:01

No I'm still with the Creators Update (1703).

I tried again turning off "Use Windows Ink" : the pen doesn't work at all when it is turned off.

My computer always recognizes the tablet with its parameters when I plug it in.

Now Bluetooth won't work. I tried the reset button.

I'll try to install Windows update, it can't be worse than now...

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