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Note: All users seeing wavy lines using a Wacom Pro Pen 2 with Wacom MSP, Cintiq/Intuos Pro 13” or 16”, please update the tablet pen firmware to address this issue. The update is now available via the Wacom Desktop Center application on your computer.

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Wacom Mac Driver 6.3.25-2 Not Compatible with Dreamweaver CC

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Wacom Mac Driver 6.3.25-2 Not Compatible with Dreamweaver CC

Postby Choreo » Tue 21. Nov 2017, 07:47

I am on a MacPro 2012 Running El Capitan 10.11.6
I get the same behavior in BOTH Dreamweaver CC 2015 and 2018.

I just purchased and installed a new Intros Pro 2017 Large about 10 days ago. I immediately noticed the problem in renaming files/folders on the desktop by clicking with the pen (or even the mouse using my Intuos4), but this is a "known" issue as reported by Wacom:
You may be unable to rename desktop objects by clicking them with your pen.
What you can do about it while we fix it: You can either use your keyboard or touch to rename selected desktop objects.

The workaround for me was as Wacom suggested - using the Touch feature acts as it should in the Finder.

The new problem I have discovered today is an incompatibility in the latest versions of Dreamweaver CC and it is a BIG problem for anyone that builds websites. I spent 10 hours today trying to track down what was causing the problems I was having in DW and even uninstalled all my DW Extensions and apps and reinstalled - then it dawned on me that it might be the Wacom Driver I installed a few days ago, and sure enough that was the culprit!

Here are the problems I have discovered in Dreamweaver (so far):

(1) Clicking installed Extension Icons in the Insert Panel does nothing - that should open the Extension's interface.
(2) Clicking on any image in an HTML Document in Design View selects the image container, but there is no way to select the image!

Using the "Touch" feature on the new Intros Pro DOES work (that is how I finally tracked down the problem source) but the Pen and Mouse are useless.

I am not sure the proper place to post this report to Wacom, but hopefully someone will pass it on as this REALLY needs to be fixed or the tablet goes back.


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Re: Wacom Mac Driver 6.3.25-2 Not Compatible with Dreamweaver CC

Postby Choreo » Fri 22. Dec 2017, 00:16

Installed 6.3.27-2

All the Finder and Dreamweaver issues remain.

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