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Couple of little bugs/issues?

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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Couple of little bugs/issues?

Postby haskee » Sat 25. Nov 2017, 22:02

Hey guys!

Just bought the Wacom Intuos 3D (with Zbrush bundle) and everything is pretty good but there's a couple of little issues I've noticed and just wanted to clear them up - hoping someone can shed some light on them.

The first, is when using Windows Ink, on some apps (seems to be ones that read for pressure sensitivity such as Sketchbook Pro and even the Wacom Desktop Center), every now and then, some of the menu UI flickers when hovering with the pen over them. For example, hovering the cursor over the minimize, maximize, or close buttons in the top right produces a flickering of said button. It's more an OCD thing, but I wanted to make sure this wasn't an issue with my pen pressure or sensitivity, or something more sinister (may be completely normal?).

It doesn't happen with Windows Ink disabled but I need it enabled for pressure sensitivity.

The other small annoyance is; when using the pen (not touch or my usual mouse), the cursor doesn't switch icons. So no hand for clicking links, no text cursor/caret when editing text. Is this normal behaviour?

I know these seem trivial but I'm just clearing them hope in case this might be some sort of driver issue or something else.

Thanks all!

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Re: Couple of little bugs/issues?

Postby wacom1 » Sun 26. Nov 2017, 06:36

Not all programs use Windows Ink for pressure, so you can enable it only for programs that need it. Even when needed, you can adjust configurantion for Windows Ink a bit in the 'Tablet PS settings' and 'Pen and Touch settings' control panels: turn off penflicks, turn off 'press and hold' to right-click. - With Win10 FCU (Fall Creators Update) Microsoft has change some Windows Ink functionality and not all seems to be working good, we expect some improvements in future Windows updates. - I haven't heard of a problem with pointer switching: does that depend on Windows Ink status ? I would go to the mouse control panel, check pointers and make sure that Windows is using 'standard' mouse pointers.

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Re: Couple of little bugs/issues?

Postby haskee » Sun 26. Nov 2017, 08:22

Thanks for the quick reply!

Further testing confirms it is indeed only when Windows Ink is enabled. So are these things supposedly being fixed? The creators update really borked a lot of things within Windows 10! Also thanks, I did already disable pen flicks and 'hold to right-click'!

So with Windows Ink disabled, pointer switching works fine (standard mouse pointer has always been enabled), and the flickering disappears. Another thing to note with Windows Ink; when moving the cursor around an application window (not all but Edge is one example), the touch and mouse pointer position is independent from that of the stylus pointer, so the touch and/or mouse doesn't pick up where the stylus left off, instead snapping to its last position before the pen made contact with the Wacom. Again, this is fixed by disabling Windows Ink.

Also the flickering happens every second time the pen makes connection (not necessarily contact) with the tablet (so hovering above triggers it too). If I lift the pen and put it back down, the flickering might not happen, but if I lift it and put it back down again, the flickering begins. Then alternating between flickering and not each time I lift the pen and put it back down. Totally bizarre!

I guess I can write this all off as Windows 10/Windows Ink bugs?

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