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Wacom intuos pro pth660 doesnt work

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Wacom intuos pro pth660 doesnt work

Postby cariladiezmil » Tue 28. Nov 2017, 15:27

i resently have the new intuos, i conect it by usb since i have a desktop pc. I use tu have an old tablet from 2013 a ctl, but i uninstal the driver i use ccleaner to clean all and install the latest driver 6.3.25-5(also 6.3.25-3) but the tablet doesnt work even as a mouse it doesnt move. i want to know how to fix this problem since is not the tablet(i try with other usb and other pc, and teh olnly thing i see is a red light next to the wacom logo)please help

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Re: Wacom intuos pro pth660 doesnt work

Postby wacom1 » Tue 28. Nov 2017, 17:34

This tablet model has no mouse emulation, but should be detected as HID in device manager. - Remove tablet cable, press the power button of the tablet for some seconds and check, if the 4 LEDs around the touchring light up. If that doesn't happen, either the battery is not charged or something is wrong with the tablet itself. If the LEDs come On, you can press the middle touchring button for 3 seconds, then the small LED near the USB connector should start blinking blue - trying to find a Bluetooth connection. If you computer has Bluetooth, start BT search and it should detect the tablet.

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Re: Wacom intuos pro pth660 doesnt work

Postby cariladiezmil » Tue 28. Nov 2017, 18:58

the bluethoot works on a laptop but i cant make it work with the usb conection

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Re: Wacom intuos pro pth660 doesnt work

Postby OCDnibwear » Thu 30. Nov 2017, 14:01

Make sure that your cable is firmly plugged into the device. You should see a static orange coloured light near the Wacom logo on the tablet for a brief few seconds before the tablet itself restarts into a tablet that will communicate via USB. When the tablet restarts both the orange coloured light near the Wacom logo as well as the light around the scroll wheel (white coloured light) should then be on. If you are using some sort of an adapter (e.g. MicroUSB → USB-C) make sure that when you attach the adapter you hear an audible click sound.

A fully or almost fully charged tablet should only light up the orange light near the Wacom logo for a brief few seconds before dimming it. As stated in the user manual if the orange light is blinking, your tablet requires charging. Once it starts charging (via USB) the light will not last for a brief few seconds until it is fully charged.

Also at the same time, the moment your tablet is connected to PC your PC should then show messages that it has found a new hardware. If not, check under device manager as mentioned by wacom1. You should also consider installing "Wacom Desktop Center" where it will try to detect if your tablet is properly connected to PC or not. If not, it will simply state no tablets found.

* Work on battery power - Wacom Help
* User manual for PTH-660/860 - Wacom Help
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