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Wacom Setup Wizard opens every time I turn on my tablet

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Wacom Setup Wizard opens every time I turn on my tablet

Postby Rasket » Thu 7. Dec 2017, 10:37

I have a brand new Intuos Pro M for my Mac Pro. Every time I turn on the tablet to use it, Wacom Desktop Center opens as well as the Wacom Setup Wizard. It's really frustrating. If I complete the setup, it wipes all my preferences to default. It also means it will get in the way of any program I am using.

I constantly switch between mouse and tablet through out my working day as a Designer, so my tablet is always going to sleep, meaning this windows open 20+ times a days and 20+ times a day I have to go close both of them and tab back to my program.

Can you please tell me how to turn off this program from running every time.

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Re: Wacom Setup Wizard opens every time I turn on my tablet

Postby wacom1 » Thu 7. Dec 2017, 10:49

You can turn off Autostart for WDC in the WDC file menu. And once you have gone through the Setup Wizard it will not open again - unless you overwrite the setting with older settings that don't have the recorrd that you have passed the Wizard. - If you did it once and work with the new settings, we cannot see the SetupWizard showing up again. If it still does, contact Wacom support. We will need to check a system overview, backup of the settings etc to be able to reproduce that.

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