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Problems with Intuos Pro L (2017) & Bluetooth

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Problems with Intuos Pro L (2017) & Bluetooth

Postby NickUn » Thu 14. Dec 2017, 22:42


This is with reference to # CAS-815696-WOB2S5 which I filed last night, but haven't yet heard any reply to...

I'm looking for some assistance with troubleshooting and connecting an Intuos Pro L via Bluetooth to an iMac 2015 running Sierra (10.12.6).

The Intuos tablet had been working via bluetooth earlier this year, but recently is refusing to show up in the Bluetooth devices list. The tablet works without any issues when it is plugged in via the usb cable, Touch works without issue too. I think this might have started after a recent Firmware update, although I can't be 100% certain of that!

iMac is running OS X 10.12.6 and is up to date with updates.
Intuos Driver is 6.3.25-2 for both pen & touch.
Intros Pro L is Model PTH-860 Version

- I have tried uninstalling the driver and re-downlaoding and reinstalling it several times...
- I have manually uninstalled the driver and removed any left over files, rebooted and reinstalled...
- I have removed user preferences both for current user and all users via the Wacom Tablet Utility program...
- I have uninstalled the Tablet software via Wacom Tablet utility, then rebooted and reinstalled it...
- I have tried holding in the reset button next to the power switch for 10-15 seconds until the white light goes out and the tablet restarts...
- I have uninstalled the drivers, then downloaded & installed the previous version (6-3-24-1)...
- I have held in the touch ring button for several seconds until the blue light starts blinking near the usb port...

...all without any success in getting the iMac to see or pair with the tablet.

I have also tried to pair the tablet with an older MacBook Pro, it doesn't see the tablet in the list of bluetooth devices to pair with either. Both computers can see and pair with other Bluetooth devices without any problems.

Is it possible that the last installed update has corrupted the bluetooth driver within the tablet? If so, is it possible to re-download and refresh the bluetooth driver on the tablet? Or is there some other way to force update the tablet to the latest firmware again?

Help please... this is so frustrating, especially when the tablet had been working without an problems earlier this year. I've used Wacom tablets for over 17yrs and this is the first one I've had problems with :( - the old Intuos 2 18x12 that's sitting next to it on an older Mac is still working without a hitch!

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Re: Problems with Intuos Pro L (2017) & Bluetooth

Postby wacom1 » Fri 15. Dec 2017, 08:11

When you disconnect the cable, switch the tablet on and try to pair the tablet and press the touchring middle button, the LED starts flashing blue ? But the Mac cannot see it ? Best is test with another computer (that is not too old and supports BT 4.0 at least). If LED is not flashing or connection fails also with another machine, it looks like firmware update failed, and the unit needs repair. - You should hear from support soon.

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Re: Problems with Intuos Pro L (2017) & Bluetooth

Postby NickUn » Fri 15. Dec 2017, 09:57

Yes, the LED flashes blue, but the tablet never appears in the list of Bluetooth devices available.

It has previously worked, but about a month ago (after not using it for a while), I started it up and checked for updates with the Wacom desktop centre - it reported a new version and I'm pretty sure it wanted to at least update the Pen as well as the driver, and I think there was a Bluetooth update too.

At the time it updated, the battery had been low and I'd plugged it in to run from USB and charge up - it's been running on usb ever since so I've not picked up on the problem until I tried to use it wirelessly a couple of days ago.

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Re: Problems with Intuos Pro L (2017) & Bluetooth

Postby NickUn » Fri 15. Dec 2017, 18:04

Just tried to pair the tablet with a Lenovo Thinkpad and Windows... the tablet doesn't show up at all in the list of discoverable devices :(.

Is there a way to force refresh the Bluetooth firmware in the tablet itself? When I re-install the OS driver, it doesn't say that there's an update for the pen or the bluetooth (presumably because it's already updated & doesn't get downgraded if I install a previous version of the driver).

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Re: Problems with Intuos Pro L (2017) & Bluetooth

Postby Aethyrion » Sun 17. Dec 2017, 18:17

Exact same issue (#CAS-719391-K3X6N5). Tablet not visible in BT since the last firmware update ( in september (although I don't remember the update failing). I hope support will find a solution. If I could, i'd like to try downgrading to the previous firmware version or maybe installing again the current version, but it doesn't seem possible.

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Re: Problems with Intuos Pro L (2017) & Bluetooth

Postby NickUn » Thu 28. Dec 2017, 16:32

Seems there's no utility to re-flash just the bluetooth firmware & it has tone sent back to Wacom for 'repair' :(

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