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Microsoft office 2007 SP3 upgrade has corrupted tablet behaviour

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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Microsoft office 2007 SP3 upgrade has corrupted tablet behaviour

Postby vmoritz » Sun 31. Dec 2017, 00:39

There is a current thread on this subject, but it is going nowhere.It is all very well for Intuos to blame Microsoft, but it may be easier for Intuos to fix problems than for us to try and get a response from Microsoft

I have a Bamboo and Intuos PTK-640 which now work only partially with MS Excel and Word (2007 pro). Excel is a particular problem as I now have to use a mouse to pull down to duplicate cells, resize windows. The RHS scroll bar is not working. This all occurred after I did the recent Windows 10 update- windows 10 1709 for x64 based systems (KB4041994). I have 2 windows machines and they both exhibit the same behaviour

I looked at the recent windows updates- they are almost all updates for MS office 2007 including a service pack (SP3) I can’t roll back. And I don’t have the disks here to reinstall office from scratch.

I have disabled windows ink as suggested, I have installed the latest drivers- 6.2.27-2 and have installed older drivers as well.

It seems to be the cause of these problems is this recent update to windows office 2007- over to you for the solution!

I am not enjoying using a mouse and am considering updating Office. Are there problems with later versions of office or are they working OK?

Not happy, could Intuos please let me know if they are at least working on this problem?

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Re: Microsoft office 2007 SP3 upgrade has corrupted tablet behaviour

Postby williamcruz » Thu 18. Oct 2018, 08:48

I have installed the MS Office 365 app on my tablet. The tablet becomes too slow and hangs sometimes. i visit Office 365 Support for the solution. They suggest me to uninstall the app and then reinstall it. But still having the same issue.

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