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Broken Wacom CTH-680 Pen Due to Fall?

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Broken Wacom CTH-680 Pen Due to Fall?

Postby JustARhytmPlayerTBH » Thu 5. Jan 2017, 13:21

Yesterday morning,I had a morning headache so I decided to sleep for 4 hours,however,my brother played this rhytm game without me knowing and then he dropped the pen while playing.When I decided to play the rhytm game, I found out that the wacom tablet did not detect the pen at all with all the buttons and both eraser and pen tip not even being detected and the pen did not make the light go blue instrad only touch works.Well I occasionally throw my pen if I rage and I drag the pen to play which makes the nib wear out.I would like to know what is the endurance for a wacom intuos CTH-680 pen so nothing like this would never happen again and the solution to saving my pen.Thank u for reading

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Re: Broken Wacom CTH-680 Pen Due to Fall?

Postby wacom1 » Mon 9. Jan 2017, 10:29

There is some sensitive electronics in the pen, that can break when you drop the pen. While the pen usually continues to work when dropped from the desk, it might stop when hit too hard or at a bad angle. This should not happen and this type of defect is covered by the warranty. If the pen is in warranty contact our support or send it for repair and we fix or exchange it.

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