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Intuos PT Medium issues (Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update)

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Intuos PT Medium issues (Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update)

Postby VonDieerde » Mon 8. Jan 2018, 02:52

Hi, I'm currently having some really frustrating issues with my Intuos PT Medium that I can't seem to find any solution for.
These issues seem to be stemming from the Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update.

When using Paint tool SAI, the pen will sometimes 'hitch' very subtly when I hover the pen over an already existing line.
When using Drawpile, there is always a slight pause in the pen input.
I draw for commissions and these issues have absolutely frozen my workflow.

The first time I had these issues was around October, when the update first came out. With no working solution then, I simply rolled back the update. This solved all of my issues. However, I am now using a brand new computer and cannot roll the update back. I am stuck with the Fall Creator's Update and the same issues have returned.

I have tried:
- Replacing my pen nib
- Checking if my drivers are up to date
- Reinstalling the drivers
- Changing Windows Ink settings
- Turning off Windows Ink
- Tweaking pressure sensitivity
- Testing it out on two other computers (one without the Fall Creator's update worked fine, but the one with it had the same issues.)
- Reinstalled the applications that I use (SAI and Drawpile)

None of these attempts have fixed the issues with my tablet on my new computer.
I hope that you can supply some help or at least give an ETA on any updates that might fix my problems. Thank you.

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Re: Intuos PT Medium issues (Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update)

Postby wacom1 » Tue 9. Jan 2018, 11:06

We have seen, that Windows Ink functionality was changed with the FCU, but that affects only applications, where Windows Ink is used. I would try to turn it off for all apps and test that situation. If that doesn't behave as expected, contact Wacom support, best with a short movie that helps to explain the issue to the devteam.

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Re: Intuos PT Medium issues (Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update)

Postby vmoritz » Tue 9. Jan 2018, 22:34

You are not alone in this. I had to resort to a mouse to best use Excel.

Wacom have not said they are doing anything about it. You will find other thread on the same issue on this forum and also on Adobe forums as there are some issues with Adobe software.

The fact that the mouse works and the tablet does not suggests this is a Wacom tablet driver issue AND THEY NEED TO FIX IT

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Re: Intuos PT Medium issues (Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update)

Postby VonDieerde » Wed 10. Jan 2018, 06:27

I have turned it off for all apps, including each app individually via the Tablet Properties settings. No changes.
And to my knowledge, this forum is the only method of direct support other than a call center. If there is another more direct method such as e-mail or a different forum, please notify me.


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