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Cursor disappears with windows ink off

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Cursor disappears with windows ink off

Postby larstol » Sun 21. Jan 2018, 10:36


I have a problem with my wacom Intuos Draw Small with the latest windows update.
If i undo the windows update it's all good, but then windows automatically downloads and installs it again immediately. So they are forcing it down my throat. So i was hoping someone knows an answer to my wacom problem :)

If i have windows ink on, all kinds of weird things happen. Cursor is at two places at the same time sometimes and windows & browsers are scrolling automatically down. But i do see my cursor.

If i turn off windows ink, my cursor disappears and if i click anywhere at all, all windows minimalize. And if i click again all windows maximalize.

So my wacom is useless now to me.
Any ideas what to do?

Gr Lars

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Re: Cursor disappears with windows ink off

Postby wacom1 » Sun 21. Jan 2018, 14:57

Since Microsoft has decided to change Windows Ink functionality with the Fall Creators Update, all apps using Windows Ink behave differently - f.e. scrolling without directly accessing the scrollbar. This happens also on MS own computers without Wacom hardware and software. If you do not like the result we can only advice to turn off Windows Ink - and report the issue to Microsoft.

Whenn the cursor disappears or alternates between different positions, I suspect a problem with the mapping for applications using Windows Ink and others not using it. Reset the driver (remove settings) and check the settings for Windows Ink (control panel 'Pen and Touch' and 'TabletPC Settings' -> 'setup').

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Re: Cursor disappears with windows ink off

Postby Anagirds » Wed 24. Jan 2018, 07:56

If it is good then it will be great and then we will have to follow.

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