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Radial Menu position on screen

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Radial Menu position on screen

Postby handprint18 » Thu 25. Jan 2018, 19:45

How can I make the radial menu appear where the curser is when I click the pen button to call it up?

It seems to be appearing where it was previously positioned on the screen, which isn't ideal.


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Re: Radial Menu position on screen

Postby wacom1 » Fri 26. Jan 2018, 08:02

The radial menu can be called by pressing a button on an Expresskey or a pen button and appears at the current place of the screen pointer. The position can be slightly off when the pointer is near screen boarders and part of the radial menu would be off-screen.

If it does not work like this for you: the mapping could be incorrect in multi-monitor situations or with higher screen zooming settings. - Make sure to use the latest driver version, reset the settings and if the problem remains, report your operating system and driver version, so we can check if there is a bug in the driver.

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Joined: Thu 25. Jan 2018, 18:19

Re: Radial Menu position on screen

Postby handprint18 » Fri 26. Jan 2018, 15:17

Sorry - I found the solution - on the panel to add / edit the radial menus there is a checkbox to tick to make it appear at cursor.

Sorry for posting twice by the way - I missed that there was a moderation / pending queue so thought I hadn't posted.

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