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Three finger drag and two finger navigate doesn't work on 20-4

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Three finger drag and two finger navigate doesn't work on 20-4

Postby draftbeer80 » Fri 6. Jan 2017, 03:42

I've updated to the latest driver 20-4 on OSX El Capitan. I'm using an Intuos Pro small. I have noticed two annoying bugs (on top of the old ones):

1) Three finger drag is no longer working on this version of the driver.
2) Two finger drag (left/right to navigate) doesn't work anymore too. I use this gesture to navagate pages on the browser

I've already checked the settings and everything is correct. I've done the exact steps shown above: uninstalled the old driver first and installed the new one. I started from scratch and didn't use any of the old preferences settings (from backup).

On top of these two bugs, there's one other bug that has been going on for years now and Wacom did not bother to fix.

*** The display toggle. We're designers, we use dual/triple monitor settings. And the pen does not work well with these setup. When I go to mapping, i try to manually switch to another monitor so I can use the pen on the other monitor, it doesn't work! WTF!

WACOM PLEASE FIX THIS!!! We're all running out of patience!!!

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