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My the computer doesn't see Intuos 3 anymore

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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My the computer doesn't see Intuos 3 anymore

Postby PurPurum » Sun 18. Feb 2018, 00:53

Hi Everyone,

My the computer doesn't see Intuos 3 anymore
...and the blue diode is not longer alive ;/ is lighting few seconds only... does it possible that ma Tablet after more than 5 years is dead? :(
I have windows 7 64 bits I tried to change usb port cause I have information that the device is not installed (but it was) and computer does not see the device. I tried with another computer (vista 32) and it's the same issue.
I changed drivers - I have old ones on CD and I tried with drivers from here: https://www.wacom.com/en/support/produc ... rt/drivers ---> Drivers for Intuos3, Cintiq21, and Cintiq20 (DTZ).
I unplugged all items from Wacom and tried once again in the fresh new beginning, and still doesn't see the Tablet.
I can't install drivers from CD cause I have information to plug Wacom device first then start to install drivers when the diode is turn on, but it isn't...
I will be grateful for your help.


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Re: My the computer doesn't see Intuos 3 anymore

Postby wacom1 » Sun 18. Feb 2018, 16:07

This looks like the tablet is dead. Intuos3 tablet have an HID mouse emulation build-in and run without any tablet driver installed in mouse mode. When the tablet is plugged in, the operating system should detect an HID mouse and provide power. - There could be a bad contact problem with the cable or a problem with the USB port or low level drivers of the os. If possible try different ports, different computers, twist the cable and check if you get contact. If it never gets power, some internal part is broken.

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Re: My the computer doesn't see Intuos 3 anymore

Postby PurPurum » Mon 19. Feb 2018, 10:23

thank you for your replay, I tried different computers and ports and it's always the same situation. I twisted the cable - no contact. Is any method to try fix the Tablet? I saw that there is a possibility to unscrew the screws - so maybe the is a chance to find the source of the problem...

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