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Unreliable Wacom Pen Driver

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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Unreliable Wacom Pen Driver

Postby michaelcawood » Sun 18. Feb 2018, 17:22

The Horror, I'm back here again.

I have had numerous wacom devices. Lately I'm using Intuos 4 PTK-840 in Windows 10. I'd finally gotten things about as stable as I could have hoped for and the driver just gave up, claimed it wouldn't load even after several reboots. So installed the latest driver software, and that's when the real horrors started!

1) Middle mouse button to launch links into another browser tab doesn't work.
2) Dragging browsers to desktops or moving vertical scroll bars doesn't work.
3) Hold to right click won't disable.
4) Right click unreliable.

I've tried rolling back the driver (it just failed to load again) and the previous driver version. No luck.

As a user of Wacom pens for around 18 years I'd say I'd quite and go back to a mouse but I prefer using a pen too much. Will someone please use their products and fix bugs. Clearly not enough people are actually using their products as these issues keep coming up. Pen use in computers is disastrous, and when it goes wrong it's like losing a hand!

As a side note, I worked in one of the biggest, most creative studio in the world and they used Linux, they had people using Wacoms but we had to write our own code to fix the lack of driver features for basic functions. That seems like there's a lack of support for it's biggest clients.

(Note, I had to use a mouse to make tidy up this post, as the pen, couldn't handle the right clicks).

Posts: 10
Joined: Mon 26. Dec 2016, 17:59

Re: Unreliable Wacom Pen Driver

Postby michaelcawood » Mon 19. Feb 2018, 00:21

I've decided to make a video to help showcase these issues. I am currently on a mission to resolve this as anything short of full normal functionality is significantly impairing my ability to work.

You may notice that the video did not record the cursor doing what I saw it doing at the time, which might be a clue. I.e. when I'm trying to move the scroll bar in real life, the recording showed the cursor inactive.

As an added bonus I just tried to uninstall the wacom drivers again only to be greeted with:
'Windows cannot find ".... Remove.exe'

So that's new.

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