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Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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Postby pengfei » Thu 1. Mar 2018, 12:27

Hi, I've noticed that a new model is showing up on Amazon (on preorder), the CTL-4100, apparently it's the successor of the Intuos Draw line, however I can't find many informations about it, I'm especially interested in the battery life of the Bluetooth version and in the features of the new 4k pen (does it have tilt support?).
I'm a bit eager to know because I've already ordered the wireless kit for my Intuos Draw, and I must decide if I should collect the package or send it back and buy the CTL-4100, not needing a dongle would be a pretty big plus, if the battery lasts at least as much as the battery of the Intuos Draw with the wireless kit (which apparently features a 4 wh battery, while the CTL-4100 battery is just 2 wh, according to Amazon).
Anyone knows something more?

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Re: CTL-4100?

Postby wacom1 » Fri 2. Mar 2018, 14:58

Information about the new models is online under ... ifications
It does not support tilt, battery allows 15 hours or more continous operation in wireless mode.

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Re: CTL-4100?

Postby pengfei » Fri 2. Mar 2018, 16:07

Thanks, I've posted my message before the website was updated.
I've already decided to send back the wireless kit and buy the new model as soon as it's available for purchase

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