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Wacom PenPartner CT-0405-R

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Wacom PenPartner CT-0405-R

Postby MrLlama » Sun 4. Mar 2018, 16:58

I'm struggling with setting up Wacom PenPartner CT-0405-R that i recently got from a friend.
HW is set with its serial cables and with orange light, but windows can't find any good driver.
Windows themselves have no drivers for it, and the few i found and tried installing didn't help at all (Windows 10 aren't exactly windows xp XD)

Any tips on what drivers should i use or how to set it up?

As i said previously i'm using Windows 10 and completely new to how graphical tablets work.

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Re: Wacom PenPartner CT-0405-R

Postby wacom1 » Mon 5. Mar 2018, 08:31

I don't think that you can get this working with Win10. - The serial interface (RS-232) was a standard on Windows PCs in the last century. Since 1998 the USB interface was replacing it and I think we sold last Penpartner tablets with a serial interface in 1999.

If the LED comes on, it shows that the power supply is working and when you see the LED reacting when placing the pen on the tablet, the pen is also working (and would probably still work on Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones and tablets). - However you need a way to get the tablet data into your computer. Nowadays computers do not have an RS-232 interface, so you would need and adapter 'RS-232 to USB' plus software, that tells Windows about the presence of a Com1/Com2 (RS-232) device in device manager. Next condition is that you have a 32-bit Windows, serial tablet drivers were written for 32bit WindowsXP and do not run even with 64bit XP. The last driver for XP was version 4.78.

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